Cod producator: LS27AG300NUXEN
Cod intern: SM-651365

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Descriere produs

A monitor is shown from its left side. The name of the model †G3' is written on the background which consists of black and white with blue points. The screen shows a large spaceship with glowing engine boosters landed in an unknown ship hangar. An astronaut in full protective space gear has just descended a flight of stairs leading from the spaceship to the shiny, reflective surface of the hangar.
Rata de reimprospatare de 144 Hz
Datorita ratei de reimprospatare rapide, imaginile de pe ecran sunt actualizate mai frecvent pe secunda, astfel incat sa puteti astepta cu nerabdare un joc mai lin si sa tineti pasul chiar si cu cei mai rapizi jucatori. astept cu nerabdare un joc ultra-neted. 
A scenario shows the difference between a convention monitor with a 60Hz refresh rate located on the top and the Odyssey G3 with 144Hz refresh rate located on the bottom. In both scenes, a sports car accelerates from left to right at incredible speed with lagging blurs of the car behind it. The 60Hz monitor shows fewer lagging blurs than the 144hz monitor to suggest that the screen is not as smooth as the Odyssey G3.
Timp de raspuns de 1 ms
Cu un timp de raspuns incredibil de scurt de doar 1 ms, fiecare miscare conteaza. Pixelii monitorului isi schimba culoarea aproape in timp real, astfel incat sa va puteti bucura de o actiune rapida cu o precizie realista. Acest monitor reactioneaza la fel de repede ca tine. 
A monitor which is seen from the right side shows two spaceships with red and blue patterns flying over a futuristic city while blasting blue neon light from their thrusters. The monitor is split in two to show the difference in display quality comparing two different response times, with the right side representing the Odyssey G3 monitor showing a clearer picture than conventional monitor on the left side.
AMD FreeSync Premium
Un joc fara probleme este oferit cu AMD FreeSync Premium. Tehnologia Adaptive Sync reduce distorsiunea imaginii, balbaiala si intarzierile de intrare - chiar si rate reduse ale cadrelor sunt compensate astfel incat sa va puteti concentra pe victorie. 
Two monitors show the same scene of a starship flying through a larger spaceship's hangar headed towards deep space. The left monitor's screen with FreeSync off is disjointed with jarring screen jitter while the right with FreeSync Premium on shows the starship with perfect clarity.
Design ergonomic
Astept cu nerabdare o flexibilitate ridicata pentru un confort si mai multe victorii: monitorul poate fi inclinat, pivotat si reglat in inaltime, astfel incat sa aveti o vedere optima a adversarilor. 
Two monitors show off the front and back designs of the G3. The monitor on the left shows the backside of the monitor featuring a stand that can adjust different heights. The monitor on the right has its screen pivoted fully vertical and on the screen shows an astronaut on an unknown desert world looking up at a planet map that is being projected from a device in their hand. Above the monitors shows a grid of ergonomic features from the height adjustable stand and tilt capabilities to the swivel and pivot flexibility.



  • General
  • Producator:Samsung
  • Cod produs:LS27AG300NUXEN

  • Ecran
  • Tip monitor:Gaming
  • Tip ecran:VA
  • Diagonala:27 inch
  • Rezolutie:FullHD
  • Luminozitate:250 cd/mp
  • Timp de raspuns:1 ms
  • Unghi vizibilitate Hz/Vr:178/178 grade
  • Contrast dinamic:3000:1 (normal)

  • Conectivitate
  • HDMI:x 1
  • Jack Audio 3.5 mm:x 1
  • Alte conectivitati:x 1 Display Port

  • Caracteristici generale
  • Alte dotari:Bluelight Reducer Flicker-Free FreeSync Premium
  • Culoare:Black

  • Ajustare Pozitie
  • Tilt (inclinare jos/sus):-5/+20

  • Alimentare Si Consum
  • Putere consumata:26 W (normal) _x000D_ 0.5 W (standby)

  • Dimensiuni Fizice
  • Dimensiuni cu stand:618 x 520 x 219 mm
  • Greutate bruta:5.3 kg